The adventurous Seoul in you

Seoul has always been known as the city where Gangnam Style meets Kimchi meets Running Man. This city is filled with so much to offer yet have you ever wondered if adventure is part of Seoul’s nature? Instead of going gaga over K-pop idols, you can actually bring out the adventurous Seoul in you with 6 amazingly fun itinerary boosters:

1) Bungee Jump

1, 2, 3 & Bungeeeeeee!

Singapore may be lacking in this department but you cannot miss this out in Seoul. Jumping down ain’t suicidal when you have plenty of adrenaline and full of post-jump excitement awaiting you. If you are budget-conscious, rest assured for this jump will only require of you 40,000 KRW (SGD$49). It is considered cheap among many bungee jumps around the world. For the faint-hearted ones, consider hard before trying for it can get really SCARY!!! However, it is definitely one to tick off your bucket list. The venue for this ‘jumpee’ is accessible by the metro & ITX Cheongchun. If you are staying near Seoul Station, take the metro to Yongsan Station. If you are staying near Dongdaemun Station, take the metro to Cheongnyangni Station. So, from Yongsan or Cheongyangni Station, take the ITX-Cheongchun to Gapyeong Station. There is a Gapyeong Tour Bus (fixed at 6,000W unlimited ride on the bus) right outside Gapyeong Station and one should drop off at the Nami Island stop to get to the bungee jump.

More info: (It is in Korean but Google Translate would help.)

2) Zipline to Nami Island

Be worry-less & soak in the view!

For all those Spider-Man wannabes, this is an awesome chance to show your skills and guts. It is time to move on from your neighborhood park flying fox and upgrade to a 1,000m swoop down into Nami Island at a whopping speed of 56 km/h.  While flying down across the Han River, soak in the envy and admiration from those in the ferry ride towards the island. Before the ride, there is a waiting point on the top where a cafe awaits. So, if you are feeling nervous, get a drink or a bite to calm yourself down. This alternative option of entry into the island cost  30,000 KRW (SGD$36) ?!?!?! and includes the ferry ride back from the island and your admission ticket. You can now go ahead and boast to your friends about the wonders of a great Korean view. This is a 3 mins walk away from the Bungee Jump.

Adventure do not equate to costly.

3) Climb at Mount Bukhasan

Take the challenge up Mount Bukhasan!

If you had enough of Bukit Timah Hill, why not try a challenging climb up Seoul’s highest standing point? There are routes and trails heading upwards that caters to varying difficulties. You may find it daunting but as long as you are in the right attire, you are good to go. After all, if those ahjummas and ahjussis can make it up, I am sure you can too! Hiking sticks and other gear can be bought at the foot of the mountain, near the Visitor Centre. A map can be purchased from the Visitor Centre for just 1,000W (SGD$1.20). Trust me, this map is extremely useful. Most people choose to take the Bukhasan Fortress route for it is relatively easier. A round trip would take approximately 5-6hours.

It is very accessible via subway.

4) Rail-bike at Gangchon

Partner up & werk those legs!

The thought of sweating it out sounds bad but when you do it with a group of bffs or with your significant other, it becomes manageable. This rail-bike experience allows one to take in the scenery of Seoul while working those legs. It is not just riding all the way for there are various tunnels playing different genres of music one can enjoy listening to. A personal favorite would surely be that tunnel that blasts K-pop music and dazzles with LED lights for you to feel hyped and roaring to ride through this route. It takes about 45 mintues of rail biking to get to the transfer station. Food and drinks can be purchased there. After all that hard work, you surely deserve a good break in the form of a romantic train ride back to your starting point. The view back is equally stunning as the ride to the rest point. If you are coming from Seoul, take the ITX-Cheongchun to Gapyeong Station & change to Gyuongchon Line and take to Gimyujeong Station. The rail park is directly outside the station.

Tip: Reach early to get the first bike, if not you will be at the mercy of the pace of the other bikers in front of you.

More info:

5) Para-gliding at Yangpyeong

Stun yourself with the view!


For those looking to soar up high in Korea, a day trip out of Seoul to Yangpyeong would suffice. Yangpyeong offers the exhilarating para-gliding experience with the best view one can take in. The view changes with every season and each never fails to disappoint. This place allows one to view where the North and South Han River meets. Para-gliding is the next best thing other than sky-diving. So, it is one great adventure not to be missed. There will be an instructor around to guide, so there wont be much to be scared of. Take the metro to Asin Station (JoongAng Line). This place could just be your ultimate adventure booster.

More info:

6) Theme park rides at Everland

An insider’s view of the ride
Let your heart DROP!


When you have a wooden roller coaster going at the speed of 104km/h and a drop of 46m, you know you are in for an exhilarating time. T-Express is insanely fun with those drops that makes your heart drop. It is made of wood but it is ultra super secure. It has been operational since 2008 and the queue for this ride is just getting longer. One great tip would be to make this adventure the very first ride one go for upon entering the theme park. Other crazy rides include Rolling-X Train & Double-Rock Spin. This theme park brings all adventure seekers the feeling of euphoria. The theme park ticket and shuttle bus can be purchased on websites like FuntasticKorea or Trazy. For those who cannot decide in advance, one can purchase the shuttle bus ticket via Daesung Tour (032-322-7001) and get the theme park ticket at the counter. However, this would require you to call them to book. They can speak English very well & only accept reservations one day in advance.

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